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Exclusive Premiere: Watch Fall St.’s Ambiguous Animated Video for ‘Box’

The track is the Mumbai singer-songwriter’s first offering from his debut EP ‘We Didn’t Ask’

David Britto May 25, 2019

Mumbai singer-songwriter Fall St. aka Aaron Sequeira. Photo: Ryan Crasto

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The last time we covered Mumbai singer-songwriter Fall St. aka Aaron Sequeira, was for our artists under 25 listicle two years ago. We had an inkling that his prolific songwriting of dark and emotional lyrics would help listeners relate to him and that’s exactly what he’s offered on his debut single, the gloomy “Box,” off his forthcoming EP We Didn’t Ask.

Sequeira penned “Box” soon after American rapper Mac Miller passed away last year. “His [Miller’s] death upset me deeply,” says Sequeira. “People that knew him had only nice things to say about him. It unsettled me how someone that started out so happy and positive wound up writing an album like Swimming and then dying shortly after in such an unhappy place.”

The singer-songwriter admits that he goes through phases in his own life where he struggles with suicide and depression. “Most people don’t like talking about it, but it’s real, it’s here, and it needs to be addressed,” he says. Sequeira states that his stage name Fall St. is where, according to him, “people like me live.” He explains, “Most days the sun won’t shine. Waking up is hard, getting out of bed is harder. Simple tasks are a struggle. The hardest part is we didn’t ask for any of it. The trick is finding something you’re good at and building your life around it. There is always hope.” Sequeira’s positive outlook towards life and channeling his energy in his music certainly shows everyone that hope truly does exist.

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The track’s accompanying animated video was made by Sequeira himself after he purchased an animation app for ₹500 and worked tirelessly for five days straight to complete the clip. “I wanted the video to contrast the song. I wanted it to show the journey of this character that has terrible things happen to it over and over again but gets up and keeps moving on. A wee bit of inspiration in these dark times,” he says. The singer-songwriter has also hidden plenty of Easter eggs in the video with references to rappers The Notorious B.I.G., Kendrick Lamar and Eminem. “I also pay homage to other artists who mean a lot to me and have succumbed to their depression.”

“Box” was produced, mixed and mastered by Mumbai-based sound engineer Shrai Pradhan. “It is an absolute pleasure working with him,” says Sequeira. Currently the musician is in the works of completing his debut EP We Didn’t Ask with Pradhan which is slated to release later this year.

Watch the video for “Box” below:

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