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Exclusive Premiere: Watch Singer-Songwriter Saby’s Intimate Video for ‘Asma’

The musician showcases delicate guitar work and balmy vocals on his debut offering

David Britto Aug 03, 2018

Singer-songwriter Saby is out with his debut single "Asma."

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While growing up in Jammu and Kashmir, Saby Singh had plenty of time to explore himself as a person and channel most of his energy towards music. “When you live in a big city like Bombay or Chandigarh or Bangalore you’ve got a lot of things around yourself to explore, you’ve got your friends, you’ve got places to go, but when you are from a little town you actually do not have those kinds of things,” says the singer-songwriter.

Now based in Chandigarh, Singh is out with his debut single, the emotional “Asma.” Although the musician has previously posted live clips on his YouTube channel, he states that “Asma” is his first official release. Singh explains that he actually never intended on sharing the song with the world as he felt it was a very personal track. “I always wanted to keep it to myself,” he says.

The folksy and poignant track is quite a moving listen with just an acoustic guitar and Singh’s balmy vocals. He says, “It is about loss when you realize that you could have had something but you just lost it and now there is nothing more that you could do but celebrate what it was.” The song is accompanied by a music video that showcases the singer-songwriter performing the track in an intimate setting. “[The video] creates that vibe of a personal thing,” explains Singh.

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Up next, the musician is planning on touring the country and performing in Mumbai, Bengaluru, New Delhi and Chandigarh. He also has plans to start work on his trio set up featuring New Delhi musicians, bassist Harshit Misra and drummer Shantanu Sudarshan.

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