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Exclusive Premiere: Dehradun-Origin Hip-Hop Artist Young Aytee’s Swirling Song ‘Tipsy’

The 18-year-old producer and rapper has released the third single on his own label, Y80 WAV

Anurag Tagat Oct 10, 2020

Dehradun rapper-producer Young Aytee aka Aryan Parmar. Photo: Yuvraj Rawat

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Say what you will about American rap star Eminem and his current output, but young hip-hop artists in India are still citing Slim Shady as a formative influence or at least a gateway to getting into music. Dehradun-bred 18-year-old Aryan Parmar aka Young Aytee’s new single “Tipsy” might be all about debauchery-fueled melodic hip-hop, but the producer-rapper says he started rhyming because of Eminem.

He adds, “He was my strongest influence and all I had in my playlists were his albums. But when I started making music it was the new wave melodic rap and I loved it.” He name-checks biggies like Drake and Indian-origin artist Nav, but also rap duo 88Glam, American artist Bryson Tiller, British rapper Nafe Smallz and more.

Picking up a free beat on YouTube and “adding some extra sauce,” this is Young Aytee’s third release this year, following “Dior Shop” with fellow rapper Aman Mehra aka Lil AM and “Keeper.” All out on his own label Y80 WAV, the rapper originally started 2020 at the Point Blank Music School in London in January. He dropped out, but for his own reasons. “I won’t say it was bad, I learnt a lot but I was engaged in so many other things that my main agenda of making constant music was kinda phased,” the artist says.

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Building his own sense of conviction (always a key ingredient in hip-hop), “Tipsy” flows in an aptly woozy manner, with Young Aytee’s auto-tuned vocals leading the way. The rapper says, however, that confidence isn’t something that arrived overnight in his writing. “I kept making music and kept getting constructive feedback. I still remember the first verse I wrote and that was super horrible and literally made no sense,” he says with a laugh.

The rapper is planning to release a single each month and build his catalog, pointing out that consistency is key. He adds, “I’m still discovering my sound, I don’t want to get into an album or a mixtape right now. But expect a hell lotta fresh and wavy music from my side.”

Listen to “Tipsy” below. Stream on more platforms here.

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