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Exclusive Premiere: Yush! Ushers In ‘Indian Summer’ with Intimate New Video

Mumbai pop artist Soham Pathak’s second single gets a visual starring Apeksha Porwal

Anurag Tagat May 20, 2021

Mumbai/Thane pop artist and singer-songwriter Yush! aka Soham Pathak. Photo: Angad Rane

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Mumbai/Thane-based pop artist Yush! aka Soham Pathak may have turned on the playboy charm with his debut single “Carbs (Papi Player)” last year, but he showcases a different side on his soul and R&B-inflected new single “Indian Summer.”

Produced by Rahul Kannan and written while reminiscing about a past lover, Pathak says he wrote the song in 15 minutes, adding in “synth-y, retro” elements later on. “Indian Summer” starts off grounded in warm acoustic melodies, building up to nostalgic synth-pop rhythms that sit perfectly with the artist’s croon. Pathak adds, “Nothing felt right with the song until the drop came in. I thought without that, public bore hojayega.”

The accompanying music video – shot by seasoned cinematographer Vasudeo Rane – features Pathak performing the track in aptly neon hues, while the main narrative is focused on a woman (essayed by actor/model Apeksha Porwal) in her kitchen as she bakes a cake. Expressing reminiscence, playfulness and joy, the character eventually breaks into a gleeful jig, which is choreographed by Mumbai dance instructor Valentino Victoria.

Pathak says the plot draws from his love for East Indian culture; especially the Catholic and Konkani community he was nurtured by while growing up in Thane. “Christianity has been around in this part of town since the 13th century. They’re all locals and speak Marathi but I grew up around Catholic culture, which is kind of how pop music came to me. The video is a tribute to that culture.” He points out that the aesthetic for the central character’s home was also modeled on Catholic households, including an oven.

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Aside from releasing more music as Yush!, Pathak is chipping away at the background score for a Marathi web series. He’s diligently sticking to writing for his own project every week, completing new songs that are going into a four-track R&B/jazz/funk EP. He adds, “After one more single, I’m planning to hit the studio in June once things get better.”

Watch the video for “Indian Summer” below. Stream the track here.

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