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Exclusive Premiere: Audio-Visual Duo Zebbler Encanti Experience’s Breathtaking Downtempo Opener ‘A Fixed Point In Motion’

Taken from the Boston producer and visual artist pair’s upcoming album ‘Syncorswim,’ the track features New Jersey multi-instrumentalist Dan Mulqueen on handpan

Anurag Tagat May 20, 2021

American audio-visual electronic music duo Zebbler Encanti Experience. Photo: Gleb Budilovsky/Courtesy of Gravitas Recordings

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Before the pandemic struck, Boston-based audio-visual duo Zebbler Encanti Experience – comprising producer Encanti and visual artist Zebbler – were best known for their topsy-turvy, high energy party music. Their upcoming album Syncorswim (out May 28th via Gravitas Recordings) sees them turn to themes of nature, love and resilience and pair it with ambient, downtempo and electronic music, as heard on the opening track “A Fixed Point In Motion.”

While the pandemic forced Zebbler Encanti Experience to cut short their U.S. tour and retreat home (Encanti moved with his partner to remote highlands in Eagle Rock, Scotland), when they began making Syncorswim, they had no preset agenda or genre space. “I didn’t set out to make a ‘chillout’ or ‘experimental’ record, but I was trying to capture the moment and make music for a deep listening experience,” Encanti says. Calling on handpan from New Jersey-bred artist Dan Mulqueen (whom Encanti met in 2019 while performing together for psychedelic act Shpongle’s live band), “A Fixed Point In Motion” swerves at an easy pace and also subtly works in unsettling melodies.

For Zebbler, who embarked on a trip across the U.S. to capture footage, the song felt like “a journey through a vast, open, beautiful world.” He adds, “So I decided that the best way to pay respect to this track would be to fill it with the most beautiful time lapses I recorded while traveling and touring.” Imbibing a sense of “travel, floating and openness” from the tracks on Syncorswim, Zebbler goes horizon spotting, with the video for “A Fixed Point In Motion,” showcasing clouds, water bodies, waterfalls and more from San Francisco, New York’s Hudson River valley, Oregon, Californian forests, Colorado mountains, plus popular destinations like Cape Cod, Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Canyon. Zebbler says, “This project is truly DIY, there are no teams of people working on it, no outside budgets to help us with gear and talent.  Everything you see and hear is made by us.”

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Watch the video for “A Fixed Point In Motion” below. Pre-order/save ‘Syncorswim’ here.

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