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Exclusive: Listen to Primitiv’s Spoken Word Single About their Dystopian Universe

The Mumbai metallers detail their post-apocalyptic ‘grave new world’ with dramatic track

Nabeela Shaikh Apr 14, 2016
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Primitiv will perform at the seventh edition of RSMA. Photo By Sairaj Kamath.

Primitiv at Bangalore Open Air in 2015. Photo By Sairaj Kamath.

Metal lyrics aren’t always the most comprehensible of the lot””but Primitiv are making things close to crystal clear with their latest release, a “comprehensive guide to the Primitiv universe”. A first-of-its-kind spoken word single along the lines of an audiobook, the Mumbai metallers’ single gives listeners the lowdown on the Primitiv universe, first introduced in their debut album Immortal and Vile. Says vocalist Nitin Rajan, “We felt the premise behind the Primitiv universe was not very clear. It’s not ”˜gettable’, even though it’s interesting.”

The dramatic, four-minute long narration””complete with ominous sound effects””sees vocalist Rajan talk about the album’s backstory””right from the universe’s fresh beginnings to warlord Taurus’ blood and battle lust. And although it’s a far cry from their usual riff-heavy work that mashes up the force of death metal with the groove of rock & roll, the single still carries Rajan’s award-winning signature growl.

Produced by Rajan’s close friend Shalin Choksi, the track spells out why “Immortal and Vile is the soundtrack of a world in peril” for listeners that missed out on the first time. “We thought that the reading audience would be interested to hear something like this; and even those who have not really paid attention to the lyrics can also be exposed to it,” explains Rajan.

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Listen to the track below.

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