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Exclusive Release: Eternal December Bring Spacey Rock on ‘A Dream From The Sky’

The Mumbai-based rock band’s latest single packs in catchy hooks, heroic guitar solos and existential tropes

Nabeela Shaikh Feb 09, 2016
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Eternal December. Photo courtesy of the band.

Eternal December. Photo courtesy of the band.

For a band that’s literally down-sized to half its members over the years, Mumbai-based rock band Eternal December are still well on their way to a stadium-sized, Indus Creed-esque sound. On their latest single “A Dream From the Sky,” the rock trio packs in classic alt rock ”” complete with catchy hooks and heroic guitar solos ”” against an ambient soundscape, making for an ideal sing-along.

The brainchild of guitarist Krishna Khandelwal and drummer Sujit Chavan, Eternal December has seen a number of lineup changes since its inception in 2010, and has even gone from being a six-member band to a trio in recent years. After vocalist Aaroh Velankar joined the band in 2013 as the third member, the rock trio has been busy on the college circuit, both playing and competing in festivals like National Law College annual band competition Strawberry Fields and [IIT Bombay cultural festival] Mood Indigo’s band competition Livewire.

“A Dream From The Sky” was recorded in a home setup and mastered by go-to producer Ashwin Shriyan [of Mumbai extreme metallers Demonic Resurrection]. The song materialized after the band recently revisited the track after almost two years, and has an equally trippy backstory as explained by Chavan: “It’s about a guy who is dreaming and sees a light from the sky, which he later realizes is actually a messenger questioning human existence.”

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Although Eternal December has no plans for a full-length release just yet, the rock trio does intend on releasing a few more tracks in the coming months before they hit the gig circuit to perform their spacey singles.


Stream ‘A Dream From The Sky’ below.

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