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Exclusive Release: Kolkata Black Metallers Infernal Diatribe Get Apocalyptic on “Doomed”

Inspired by spirituality, the band traverses bleak territories on the latest single from their upcoming EP ‘Videha Mukti’

Nabeela Shaikh Jun 08, 2016
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Infernal Diatribe. Photo courtesy of Transcending Obscurity.

Kolkata black metal band Infernal Diatribe. Photo courtesy of Transcending Obscurity.

Kolkata may be riding on jazz, pop and rap rock the past few months, but there’s also a whole lot more brewing beyond the unique tram depot shows””black metal act Infernal Diatribe, for instance, who are readying their occult-heavy, spiritually enlightening and overall sonically harrowing EP Videha Mukti. Inspired by the concept of moksha and liberation after death, this is the anonymous band’s first release.

The latest single from the EP “Doomed” is an eight-minute-long soundtrack for raging hysteria, melancholy and everything in between””with vocalist Karanavigama loading up on the harrowing screams above heavily distorted guitarwork and galloping drum rolls. Says guitarist Kalavikrama, ““Doomed” is based on the concept of doomsday, and the track explores the forebodings of a sense of doom which we experience in everyday life ”“ it’s a kind of Sartrean experience of nausea, melancholy and inner darkness.” The track was composed and written largely by Kalavikrama early last year.

Infernal Diatribe ”” whose members have remained anonymous since its inception in 2011””employ Sanskrit pseudonyms alluding to death: there’s vocalist Karanavigama, guitarists Kalavikrama and Narantaka, bassist Kalaparzudhara on bass, and Naztaz on drums. The black metallers will release Videha Mukti next month via Transcending Obscurity Distribution. Says guitarist Kalavikrama of the four-track release, “Videha Mukti is a psychological journey which will transport you to a knowledge portal like no other. We have incorporated the concept of ”˜moksha’ or liberation of the soul, from the fetters of our corrupted realm. It’s an amalgamation of pure beauty and pure horror, laced with spiritual connotations.”

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Listen to “Doomed” below.


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