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Exclusive Release: Metallers Dreamscapade Pile on the Breakdowns with ‘Abormalities’

The New Delhi band’s follow-up to their 2017 EP ‘Software Reality’ is just as bludgeoning as you expect

Anurag Tagat Apr 14, 2018

New Delhi metallers Dreamscapade. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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As crucial as it is for bands to road-test their songs before recording them, New Delhi metal act Dreamscapade just couldn’t catch a break. Drummer Rishi Baruah says they had plans to debut their latest single “Abnormalities” at a gig, but it ended up getting canceled. Even when they released their debut EP Software Realities in August last year, their launch show got canned.

With new additions to the band ”“ guitarist Yusuf Ghani and bassist Deshmai Kachari both joined last year ”“ Dreamscapade have been staying afloat since 2014. Baruah says, “We almost reached to a standstill where we could not make new music due to time constraints and get any shows here. But the band was driven because me and The’ang [Theron, vocalist] stepped up; otherwise, we would have dissolved a long time back.” While their previous guitarist Nivrith Gomamtam (who moved to Australia for work) brought more chaos into the mix, there’s clearly an emphasis on rattling, harsh riffage from Ghani and co-guitarist Raikom Terang on “Abnormalities.” Baruah adds, “We kind of changed our sound to a heavier version of our previous selves.”

They may have a new lineup, but the thematic continuity stays strong for Dreamscapade. Baruah says “Abnormalities” follows up from the “fascinating and horrifying” future where humanity faces obsolescence when everything becomes increasingly virtual or machine-led. The drummer adds, “The song’s theme centers around the takeover by the machines and the dystopian world disorder.” They’re still on the lookout for a launch gig, but Baruah says it won’t stop them from churning out more music. “Right now, we are working on another single and are a bit confused whether to release another EP or keep on releasing some more singles. But yes, whatever the case may be, more new music is definitely on its way,” he says.

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Listen to “Abnormalities” here

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