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Exclusive Release: Primitiv Get Spooky on “Dead Man’s Desert”

The Mumbai metallers paint another dystopian picture, complete with ferocious instrumentation, on their latest single

Nabeela Shaikh Jan 20, 2016
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Primitiv Photo By Sairaj Kamath.

Primitiv at Bangalore Open Air in 2015. Photo By Sairaj Kamath.

From all that we’ve seen [and heard] of Primitiv, it seems like the Mumbai ”˜stone-age metallers’ strength lies in going back to basics ”“ in both music and its driving theme. Their latest, longest spook-fest “Dead Man’s Desert” is no exception, running thick with sinister riffs, pounding drumwork and Sabbath-esque basslines.

Penned by resident storyteller and bassist Riju Dasgupta [with most of the guitarwork by axeman Rajarshi Bhattacharya,] “Dead Man’s Desert” carries forward the concept of the Primitiv universe, set in a dystopian era where Gods and humans alike roam the land. Says Dasgupta, “The story is of a guy who is traversing Dead Man’s Desert in search of an oasis, but realizes there’s nothing for miles in sight. He then comes to realize that there is something wrong with the desert as the whole, as it comes alive and the sand forms monsters.”

Primitiv, who recently released their debut album Immortal and Vile, are currently on tour to promote the seven-track release, and will be performing next at Hard Rock Café in Hyderabad on Januay 21st alongside local thrash metallers Godless.


Stream “Dead Man’s Desert” here.

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