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Exclusive Release: Strangulate Roll Out Timeless Death Metal On ‘Primordial Execution’

The death metal duo’s second single is the perfect score to a killing spree

Nabeela Shaikh Feb 11, 2016
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Denzil Davidson and Shubasish Mitra of Kolkata death metal duo Strangulate. Photo courtesy of the band.

Talk about a blastbeat from the past””Kolkata death metal duo Strangulate whip up some harrowing old-school death metal on “Primordial Execution,” a chugging, phantasmagoric affair that recalls the style of early American bands such as Cannibal Corpse and Morbid Angel. To match the riffs, guitarist and resident songwriter Denzil Davidson explains the song is about “a serial killer trying to kill everyone and everything in a dungeon.”

Penned by Davidson in 2012, “Primordial Execution” is the second single off the band’s upcoming debut Catacombs of Decay, an eight-track release that promises equally unabashed, raw death metal. “The whole idea of the album was that it has to be gory, and have that element of old school death metal,” says Davidson.

Although Strangulate has been active since 2010, Davidson got around to writing and sequencing material for the album only in January 2014. He roped his close friend and current vocalist Subasish Mitra, as well as sessions drummer Prakash Paul to record Catacombs of Decay over a span of two months. Currently, Strangulate remains a two-member project, with plans to release the full-length debut next month through Transcending Obscurity Distribution.

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Listen to “Primordial Execution” here.

Pre-order ‘Catacombs of Decay’ here.

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