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Exclusive Release: Swedish Metallers Seedna Turn Hypnotic on ‘Frozen’

According to the band, the song is like “a landscape where time and space stand still and you have no fucking clue of what’s going on or what’s going to happen”

Anurag Tagat Jul 07, 2016
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Swedish metal band Seedna. Photo: Emma Kling; Editing: Olle Olsson

Swedish metal band Seedna. Photo: Emma Kling; Editing: Olle Olsson

Before settling for the name “Frozen,” Swedish metal band Seedna had a working title of “Tjafs” [which translates into “drivel”] for one of the most harrowing tracks on their upcoming album Forlorn. Guitarist Max Warnby says, “We just went on and on about it until we got tired of all the drivel.”

What started out a “smooth, dark riff” whipped up by guitarist Gabriel Raimondo became a demo recorded on a phone, one that Warnby jokes is almost better than the eight-minute studio version. He adds, “We had this foggy, chilly, mind-twisting fucking elevator music that you can’t escape. There it was, not sure how it happened, but we had our version of purgatory right there.”

Forlorn, which is set to release on July 15th via Transcending Obscurity Records, sets atmospheric black metal-influenced movements against chilling interludes. The concept revolves around time, hell and the afterlife. Vocalist Olle Olsson says, “I really would like people to listen and read it then build up their own vision and story about it.”

Formed in their hometown of Lidköping in west Sweden by bassist Erik Svensson and his brother Emil in 2012, Seedna went through changes in terms of sound as well as members over the years, releasing their debut album Tindalos in 2013 and the more full-fledged Sulphur in 2015. Svensson says about the current lineup, which is completed by drummer Johan Bjorkman, “We are all kind of stubborn and know what we want and how certain things should sound. We discuss a lot, all the time about almost every little detail, and it often got hectic and very uneasy.”

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Then again, hearing this kind of tormenting music come from a country that is often called one of the best places to live is perplexing. From the land that’s given us popstars Abba and whole lot of EDM superstars like Swedish House Mafia and Avicii, what makes Seedna turn to the dark side? While Warnby jokingly quotes Norwegian black metal band Gorgoroth’s frontman Gaahl’s infamous response of “Satan”, he adds, “It feels natural to be the opposing force to all the happy people and music.” Drummer Bjorkman adds, “Life and everything needs balance, and we’re the lucky ones that gets to write the darker kind of music.”

Listen to “Frozen”. Forlorn is out on July 15th via Transcending Obscurity. Pre-order here.

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