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Exclusive Stream: Varanasi-Based Teenage Producer Satyansh’s Future Banger ‘Hear Me’

The 16-year-old got into creating electronic music in 2017 and is now out with his fourth single

Anurag Tagat Nov 12, 2020

Producer Satyansh Sharma. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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In June this year, Varanasi producer Satyansh Sharma sent across an unreleased track to electronic music producer-vocalist Ritviz, which he then broadcast on an Instagram live session. For a 16-year-old, evoking stankface and whoops from one of India’s biggest names in electronic music right now, Sharma calls it his “proudest achievement to date.”

The Delhi Public School student says that the support from Ritviz came at a time when Sharma was “depressed about not making enough progress” with writing and creating music. A recorded version of the session sits in the producer’s Instagram posts and he goes back to it every time he’s lacking inspiration or feeling low. Sharma however adds, “To be honest, I think it’s not something that I should dwell on, for there were so many other talented artists played out in his live [session] as well. It was a great push for me, but I have to work even harder now and actually live up to that achievement.”

With “Hear Me,” the producer offers up all the makings of a towering, action-packed track – soulful vocals and radiant guitar lines that morph into a glitchy breakbeat, adorned in synth flourishes that ebb and flow. Sharma says he originally started in music as a singer but taking on beat making led to a complete change in focus. Jumping from R&B to trap to all-out EDM, the artist says he prefers to keep things fluid. “I don’t have a main genre, but I like to produce bass music oriented stuff, as well as house music when I’m in the groove,” he adds.

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Sharma has a total of four songs out now, including previous singles such as “You.” Collaborations and more tracks are being readied even as the producer juggles school. He says, “At this point, I want to do label releases as I want to expand my fan base. I’d love to do self-releases, but I’d prefer labels at the moment as I have to handle my school life as well.”

Listen to “Hear Me” below. The track is out on all platforms on November 13th.

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