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Exclusive Stream: New Orleans Producer Savej’s Trippy, Earthy Electronic Song ‘One Truth’

The artist employs flutes, handpans, whistles and more into psychedelic bass on his upcoming album ‘Solstice’

Anurag Tagat Sep 03, 2020

New Orleans-based producer Savej. Photo: Courtesy of Gravitas Recordings

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In a bid to show just how deeply music is connected to the earth, New Orleans producer Savej (pronounced “savage”) tuned his flutes to the frequency of 432hz, which is often hailed as a “healing” tuning system similar to the planet’s rotation.

While that claim might have its doubters, Savej’s upcoming album Solstice does feature three tracks that are four minutes and 32 seconds in length each and certainly brings together calming and excitable electronic music that infuses wind instruments, global percussive elements and sitar. The producer calls “One Truth,” the first track released from album, exemplary of a “worldly vibe” that draws from different music cultures of the globe. “‘One Truth’ came to fruition by jamming with my flute and shakers, laying down a chord progression and bass, and making that hypnotic percussive tribal rhythm. I run my flutes through surround studio monitors with a really spacey delay and reverb, which helps me get into that flow state on the fly.” The voices heard on the track come from native American healers/shamans. “I mailed my field recorder around to some ayahuasca curanderas, who recorded some icaros (medicine songs) for me during ceremony. That’s where the whistle icaro in ‘One Truth’ came from.”

On the rest of the six-track Solstice, Savej also introduces Kargyraa throat singing that he learned, incorporating a little bit of Mongolia. In the decade spent creating music, Savej says travel certainly helps him stay “super inspired” and bring in the world’s diverse music into his bass-informed sound. He adds, “I’ve always been fascinated with the wisdom held by many of these cultures. I read a lot, connect with people across the world, and dive in fully to explore their traditions and music. We have a lot to learn from so many of these cultures. I find many of these traditions to be truly magical in a variety of ways.”

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Listen to “One Truth” below. ‘Solstice‘  releases on September 18th via Gravitas Recordings.

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