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Exclusive Stream: Chennai Artist Stevie’s Mellow R&B Debut EP

Everything from funk to hip-hop and pop gets represented on the eponymous six-track release

Anurag Tagat Jan 17, 2019

Chennai singer-songwriter Stevie. Photo: Andrew Neet

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If you’re Chennai singer-songwriter Stevie, whose songs are all about introspection, it’s likely that there’ll be a lot more to mull over. The musician mentions some songs off his six-track debut self-titled EP have been the source of contemplation for about two years.

He says, “I didn’t want to get into the studio not knowing how I wanted my songs to sound so it definitely took a lot of introspection, playing with different musicians and experimenting with different sounds while staying within the core of how I want my music to sound.” With help from producer-bassist Michael Timothy and guitarists including Joel Prithvi, Ajay George Joseph and Elvis Gabriel, STEVIE comes together as a chilled-out lo-fi R&B and pop record that also takes from rock and funk.

Artwork for ‘Stevie’ EP by Sohail Nawaz Khan

The opening track “21,” for example, recalls the likes of Frank Ocean and John Mayer. Stevie says about jamming with Bengaluru-based Ajay George Joseph on the song, “It just sort of happened this one day a few months ago at his place in Bangalore, we were both lazing around before he played a yummy feelsy rainy day chord progression that my brain just had to do something about.”

In addition to his previously released singles “Hey Becky” and “All Night,” there’s the dreamy R&B track “Burn,” which sounds something straight out of an Usher album. “Too Close to Touch” brings in a touch of funk, turning into the grooviest track, while Stevie brings a little bit of everything to close with “Fade,” making it one of those records best suited for a late night.

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With music videos and a launch tour being put together by Stevie and his management Oaf Records, his next release is already cooking. After connecting with Joseph for “21,” the duo are working on a “very dancy three track EP this summer.” Stevie adds, “Like I usually tell everyone who ask me how it feels like to work with my friends, ”˜issa vibe’!”

Stream ‘Stevie’ EP below.



“Hey Becky”




“Too Close To Touch”


“All Night”



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