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Exclusive Stream: Circle of Fifths Play with Bright, Intense Riffs on ‘Aura’

The Mumbai-based instrumental band release their sophomore single ahead of their full-length debut

Nabeela Shaikh Mar 25, 2016
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[L-R] Vivek Singha, Tanay Kasera, Daanish Kabir and Terence Pascal of Circle of Fifths.

[L-R] Vivek Singha, Tanay Kasera, Daanish Kabir and Terence Pascal of Circle of Fifths.

The latest band to hit the instrumental rock circuit is Mumbai-based quartet Circle of Fifths, with their second single “Aura”. The band’s 2015 debut release “Drizzle” was an entirely acoustic guitar-driven track, but on “Aura”, they seemed to have settled into their sound [and lineup] with the addition of drummer Terence Pascal, who joined in October last year. The band itself was formed in 2013. Says bassist Daanish Kabir, “This song is one of the tracks that has all the elements of our common influences like [prog artists] CHON, Plini, Polyphia and Animals As Leaders.”

The four-and-a-half-minute single””which is equal parts bright and heavy””mashes up classic alt-rock riffs with metal-style breakdowns and a heap of guitar noodling reminiscent of erstwhile alt metallers Goddess Gagged. Penned by guitarists Vivek Singha and Tanay Kasera, “Aura” was born out of a hit-and-miss jam almost three years ago, but was only recently recorded after Circle of Fifths managed to put together a steady lineup.

Recorded at Refractor Studios by guitarist and producer Adhiraj Singh [from Pune-based experimental metal band Noiseware], “Aura” is the first glimpse of the band’s upcoming full-length album Phases, which is slated for release next month. Says Kabir, “We named it Phases because everything [each of the tracks] has a different vibe to it. None of the songs are interconnected with another.”

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Listen to “Aura” below.

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