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Exclusive Stream: Eunoia Gets Trippy on “No Return”

The post-rock project’s debut single is a laidback tune inspired by an LSD trip

Nabeela Shaikh Oct 16, 2015
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Artwork for the single “No Return” by Aaron Pinto.

On his debut single, Mumbai-based post-rock/shoegaze artist Eunoia aka Harshad Shetty downplays guitar noise for a softer soundscape, resulting in a dreamy, calming sound on “No Return.” Shetty, 22, who proudly says listening to thrash metal veterans Megadeth led him to pick up a guitar, traded in an electric sound for an acoustic classical guitar, an unlikely choice of instrument for a space that prefers distortion and reverb.

Reminescent of English prog rock band Porcupine Tree’s 2000 album Voyage 34, the track also samples a conversation about ingesting LSD, which Shetty says was done to “make the track sound even trippier.” He adds, “When I composed the song, I had this idea of a man tripping on LSD and doesn’t want to come back from it, because it’s such a good trip.” A fan of film composer Hans Zimmer, Shetty plans to move into scoring for films, ads and documentaries, in addition to making music as Eunoia.

“No Return,” which features additional guitar work by Shetty’s friends Sahil Mishra and Arindam Maity,  is the first track off Eunoia’s upcoming EP, recorded by Mumbai sound engineer Ayan De and produced, mixed and mastered by Vishal J Singh of avant garde metal band Amogh Symphony. Singh has also played drums, piano and bass on the track.

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