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Exclusive Stream: Exalter Channel Old-School Thrash on “Surrounded By Evil”

Bangladeshi metallers unleash high-speed riff work on second single from their latest EP

Nabeela Shaikh Apr 20, 2016
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Exalter. Photo courtesy of the band.

Exalter. Photo courtesy of the band.

It doesn’t take more than a few seconds into the opening riff of “Surrounded By Evil” to realize that Dhaka-based metallers Exalter are churning out unadulterated old-school thrash on this single. The track is part of their latest EP Obituary For the Living. In between all the high-speed riffing and relentless drums, vocalist-guitarist Tanjim Rahman Tanim rages on: “Crumbling with explosions/End of the city is nigh”. “This song is about the people who are forced to do the evil things on others behalf,” says Tanim, who has done most of the songwriting on the track.

While the band’s 2014 debut EP Democrasodomy addressed political unrest and injustice in Bangladesh, Obituary For the Living explores themes related to freedom and power. “We stand against all form of oppression and inhuman degradation that our society offers, and our songs reflect these viewpoints,” says Tanim.

The Bangladeshi band currently comprises core members Tanim and drummer and vocalist Sarker Afif. The duo rope in session bass player for live gigs. Obituary For the Living took form in late 2015 and was recently released [along with four older tracks] through Transcending Obscurity Distribution. Now, the band is already plotting their next full-length record, which Tanim promises will be “even more thrash-y.”

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Listen to “Surrounded By Evil” below.

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