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Exclusive Stream: Hook’s Charged-Up Debut Single ‘Static’

The Mumbai rock band talk about their love for grunge and the upcoming EP ‘Blank Spaces’

Anurag Tagat Jul 15, 2018

Hook - (from left) Gaurav Banerjee, Chinmay Agharkar, Titus Pinto, Pushkar Joshi and Nikhil Vernekar. Photo: Munindro Luwang; Editing: Ronen Samson

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As much as they get compared to grunge bands such as Pearl Jam, Mumbai rockers Hook’s first single “Static” takes lyrical influence from industrial rock. Vocalist Gaurav Banerjee says, “My song ideas will possibly derive more from how Marilyn Manson or someone like that express themselves.”

Hook, however, did start off on a mutual interest in the likes of Pearl Jam. In 2015, Banerjee and bassist Titus Pinto covered “Release” and sent it across to drummer Pushkar Joshi (from metallers Primitiv), who then sent it to his former bandmate and guitarist Chinmay Agharkar (from fusion/prog band Paradigm Shift). Last year, they replaced Shivam Limaye with Nikhil Vernekar on guitars. Considering the mutual connections, Joshi says writing music wasn’t tough. “Everyone in some way have played with each other and know what each musician is like. That was a plus point in terms of composing. It’s mainly Chinmay, Nikhil and Titus who work on the melody and Gaurav is behind the lyrics and concepts.”

Their first release off the upcoming five-track EP Blank Spaces is “Static,” a heavy takedown of social media culture and celebrity. Over solid riffs, Banerjee despondently warns as the band closes out the song, “Nothing’s going to change for you.” The band says they picked one of their earliest compositions as the first single because it introduced their sound. Banerjee says, “It’s the one song that stood out in terms of the punch that it had. What you hear right now is what you’ll see us play live as well. It’s got a raw, pulsing beat and lyrics that resonate. It’s an emblem for everything that Blank Spaces stands for.”

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The rest of Blank Spaces features songs like “Autotune Superstar” (another incendiary taunt at untalented famous figures) and the somewhat poignant “Hope,” which were performed for video series Overtones last year. The full EP, whose title track includes a surprise collaboration with a Mumbai-based producer, is due out in September.

Listen to “Static” below. Hook perform at RSJ Live on July 19th at Fun Republic Social, Mumbai. Event details here.

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