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Exclusive Stream: Jwala’s Women-Centric New Release ‘Now’

The electronic artist collective rounds up releases from producers and singers such as Aditi Ramesh, Gaya, RDKL and Heedless

Anurag Tagat Apr 06, 2018

Artwork for Jwala 008 - 'Now'. Art: Himanshu Tokas

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It’s been a couple of months since we’ve heard from Jwala, the young collective of music producers from Mumbai, Pune and New Delhi who have been working to feature new and unknown talent around the country. Turns out, the collective says they were not only concentrating on their own solo projects, but also re-evaluating how they run Jwala. “We aim to kick-start some more projects this year and do more than just SoundCloud uploads, some of which are already coming to fruition,” the collective says over email.

Thankfully, the compilations remain. Their eighth release ”“ the four-track Now ”“ is specifically concentrating on women music-makers in India. Now features the genre-hopping lushness of Mumbai producer RDKL aka Radhapriya Gupta, the smooth vocal gymnastics of Aditi Ramesh, a bright trip-hop debut from Gaya Tideman and cinematic techno/IDM from producer Heedless aka Uvika Wahi.

The collective says, “We were tired of this being a boys club and we wanted to reach out to women to help us start balancing out participation. Sometimes seeing a gender skew in any field can give people the impression that male heavy groups are unapproachable for women but this compilation was our way of saying that male or female, we don’t care. Give us great music and that’s about it.”

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Listen to ”˜Now’

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