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Exclusive Stream: Killchain Channel Classic Death Metal on “Screams from the Labyrinth”

The Mumbai-based death metal band release their second single ahead of their upcoming debut EP

Nabeela Shaikh Oct 15, 2015
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Screams From The Labyrinth

Artwork for the single “Screams From the Labyrinth.” Artwork by Vineet Sharma.


If Nineties’ American death metal is your fix, keep a lookout for Mumbai-based metallers Killchain, whose debut EP Psychosis is slated for release next year.

Going by their single “Screams from the Labyrinth,” the five-piece band, who came together in March 2014 seem to draw influence from death metal heavyweights like Obituary, Morbid Angel and Death. This is Killchain’s second single, following their 2014 debut on the Mumbai death metal scene with “Cancelling The Apocalypse.” The band has already performed a number of local gigs such as Mumbai-based gig series Domination: The Deathfest and Bengaluru metal fest Doom Over Bangalore, despite the fact that they do not yet have a permanent bassist. Killchain currently comprises vocalist Vineet Sharma, guitarists Aditya Mohanan and Niraj Chauhan, and drummer Yash Pathak.

The track will not be featured on the EP, but was meant as a sort of teaser to Psychosis. “We wanted to release it to let people know what we sound like and what they can expect on the EP,” says Sharma. “Screams From the Labyrinth” establishes a pleasantly familiar sound dominated by distorted riffage and intense drumming, which sets the background ­for Sharma’s harsh vocals.

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Listen to “Screams From the Labyrinth” below.

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