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Exclusive Stream: Mad Orange Fireworks Get Grungy on ‘Nothing Left to Mend’

Listen to the second single off the Bengaluru rockers’ upcoming album ‘Under the Orange Sky’

Anurag Tagat Nov 08, 2015
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Deepak Raghu Kaushik Kumar, Michael Dias (from left). Photo: courtesy of the artist

Deepak Raghu Kaushik Kumar, Michael Dias (from left). Photo: courtesy of the artist

One would think Bengaluru rock band Mad Orange Fireworks like to keep things light with their music. Never mind the fact that their upcoming second album Under the Orange Sky has a song titled “Corporate Bum,” which ribs on corporate life, turns out the three-member band have got a lot more serious in this new record. [Their 2013 debut Lifeline Cast’s hilarious lead single “Feet Ain’t Movin’” was about having two left feet.]

Their new single “Nothing Left to Mend” is about “trying to accept the fact that you’re just another nobody in the universe,” says frontman Michael Dias. He adds, “I always hoped that [the age of] 27 would be that big epic time where you can just end it and get it over it. Everybody hopes for that in some way. But now that’s past, you’ve got nothing left to lose, nothing left to mend. You’re in for the long haul.”

Trust Mad Orange Fireworks to set some funky, grungy music to a serious topic like that. It retains their signature mix of jazz and funk-rock, but also introduces listeners to the band’s love for grunge. Bassist Kaushik Kumar says about how the song came about, “It was actually a very slow acoustic song that Michael first came to the jam room with and it’s turned into something completely different altogether.”

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Listen to “Nothing Left to Mend” here

Mad Orange Fireworks and Aswekeepsearching perform at The Humming Tree, Bengaluru on November 21st.

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