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Exclusive Stream: May Island Get Romantic on ‘Colours In Between’

The once instrumental rock band turn towards alternative pop on their first single with vocalist Apoorv Dabral

Rolling Stone India Mar 11, 2016
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May Island

May Island. Photo: Courtesy of the band

Delhi-based May Island started out as Vishnu Kumar on guitars and Aaron Almeida on drums in 2014 with a refreshing instrumental sound that combined the best of rock and metal on their debut EP Eleonora, but the sound now takes a sharp turn. As is usually the case, their newfound alternative pop-rock direction can be traced to a lineup change. The band has now doubled in size, with Craig Godinho on bass and Nakul Kumar on guitar [both Almeida’s bandmates in Delhi hard rock/heavy metal act Third Eye]. “We just feel stronger,” says Kumar about the expansion.

Their new single “Colours In Between,” is a soft, romantic number, creating an atmosphere that immediately separates it from Eleonora’s lush, layered sound. Says Kumar, “It’s a very simple song, and draws upon really simple experiences that anyone goes through, like falling for a person.” With more instruments on board, the band also added vocals, roping in a friend of the band Apoorv Dabral on “Colours In Between.”

Although not a full time member of the band, Kumar says, “Apoorv is going to be a very significant part of it, he’s going to be coming with us live.” In addition to being a part of more band competitions and gigs in Delhi, the band recently made their Bengaluru debut, playing three shows in a week’s time, including a set at the Blue Frog.

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Although they don’t have immediate plans of writing an album, there’s more new material in progress, exploring their new sound. Says Kumar, “We already have a couple of tracks that we’ve created, we just have to hit the studio and get them produced well now.”

Listen to “Colours In Between”

Video artwork: Sonali Zohra

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