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Exclusive Stream: Nagaland Producer Vitz’s Dreamy New Track ‘Casual Talks’

Kohima’s emerging electronic music artist aims for chillout vibes on third single

Rolling Stone India Feb 27, 2016
Kohima based producer Vitz

Kohima based producer Vitz

From recordings on his iPhone to royalty-free samples culled from the web, Kohima-based producer Vitz Zhimo is one of many examples of just how easy it is to make interesting music thanks to the resources on the Internet. Zhimo has now released his third track “Casual Talks,” which features a shiny synth section to mashed-up samples of keys jingling and alarm clocks going off.

Not so long ago, Zhimo also used to play drums with Dimapur pop rock band Polar Lights, but since 2014, he has been working on his craft on his own. He says, “I was literally spending hours and hours on YouTube watching tutorials on production, sound designing, basic mixing and mastering and stuff like that.” “Casual Talks” track takes its title from Zhimo’s realization that everyone around him is involved in conversations of their own, both serious and casual. The song is his third single after “Electric Sky” and “Finding Love.”

Although Zhimo loves his recording experiments, he doesn’t plan to go live as yet. He says, “Well, I’m not really sure about playing live right now. Maybe because I don’t have enough of my own material yet. But I would definitely love to play my music live someday.”

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Listen to “Casual Talks” here