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Exclusive Stream: Oh, Rocket!’s Moody New Single ‘Up and Over’

The Kolkata synth pop duo return with new material and a new live act soon after their set at Bacardi NH7 Weekender

Rolling Stone India Nov 02, 2015
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(from left) Aniket Dutta and Shubharun Sengupta of Oh, Rocket! Photo: Courtesy of the artist

(from left) Aniket Dutta and Shubharun Sengupta of Oh, Rocket! Photo: Courtesy of the artist

When you’re an electronic artist, anything is fair game ”“ whether it’s going solo and playing DJ sets or scaling up to a live band. A back and forth between different lineups isn’t uncommon either. Take for example Kolkata electronica/synth pop duo Oh, Rocket!

For their Mumbai debut last year, the duo ”“ comprising vocalist Aniket Dutta and guitarist Shubharun Sengupta — were joined by drummer Shoumik Biswas [from post-rock band Space Behind the Yellow Room] and guitarist Soutrik Chakraborty [from Kolkata dance rock band Write in Stereo]. For Bacardi NH7 Weekender in Kolkata last week, they roped in Sambit Chatterjee [from pop rock band The Ganesh Talkies] to play live drums. Says Dutta, “I will still play solo sets when needed, actually. I’ve got different sets for those. But yes, we’re definitely looking forward to continue with the full band.”

Meanwhile, Oh, Rocket! are writing and recording new music for their upcoming album Bloomspoon, the follow up to their second EP Clever Clever, released earlier this year. The first taste of that comes with “Up and Over,” a dancey new track that has Dutta’s R&B-inflected somewhat incoherent lyrics over synth pop and chillwave rhythms. Says Dutta, “It’s kinda about comprehending things which actually go up and over your head.”

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Listent to “Up and Over” here

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