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Exclusive Stream: Bengaluru Producer Peach Blok Teases Slinky New Beat Tape ‘Solitude’

Hear five hip-hop leaning tracks from Rishii Rohra, who’s been part of rock bands like Solder and Crazy

Anurag Tagat Sep 03, 2020

Bengaluru-based producer and multi-instrumentalist Peach Blok aka Rishii Rohra. Photo: Viswas Iyer

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Beat tapes are often playgrounds for producers to construct (or reconstruct) sample-based tunes and add all sorts of elements to it. For Bengaluru producer and multi-instrumentalist Rishii Rohra aka Peach Blok, he’d been influenced by animated T.V. shows and cartoons of yesteryear (PopeyeThe Simpsons) for his April release called That 90’s Beat Tape.

Now, the producer — also a music teacher who began DJing in 2017 — will release his second beat tape this year called Solitude (on September 5th) as a nod to creativity during the lockdown. Teasing five out of 12 tracks below, Rohra offers a glimpse into his quarantine mindset and moods. There’s bright percussion and ace production to get your groove on with “A Love Bird,” while “Autumn Memory” takes a vocal sample and feeds it into a shimmering guitar idea. Rohra’s guitar work also leads the carefree track “Grow Some Plants.” A sublime piano-led hip-hop track is on offer with “Dues Cleared” and there’s dreamy sounds on “Mountain Mist.”

Rohra says his roles as a producer, performer and teacher come into play when he sits down to make music. “Performing has taught me the end sound of a track, when it reaches the listeners ear, or a club speaker for that matter. While on the other hand, teaching has gotten me in-depth with the whole production process and how I can constantly try and give out a unique sound/aesthetic to the track I’m working on,” he says.

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Between Solitude and That 90’s Beat Tape, that’s two collections of tunes out in the span of the lockdown but the next Peach Blok record will be an EP. Rohra says, “This is the first time I’m experimenting with my voice, trying to sing with the basic vocal techniques that I’ve learned over the last two years. I’m a little nervous, but also excited cause it’s such a different sounding EP or the kind of music itself for that matter.”

Stream ‘Solitude’ below.

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