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Exclusive Stream: Primitiv Release Incendiary Studio Version of ‘Squishy and Spongy’

The Mumbai metallers will perform at ScarFest this weekend, alongside metallers Zygnema, Gutslit, post-hardcore band Pacifist and punk rockers The Lightyears Explode

Anurag Tagat Dec 20, 2019

Primitiv in a still from their live video performance of "Squishy and Spongy."

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Early this year, Mumbai metallers Primitiv released the live version of their song “Squishy and Spongy” to showcase a smoldering new turn. Now, their studio version of the song indicates a more modern, polished approach to the fiery concoction of doom, death metal and sludge.

Guitarist Kiron Kumar tells us that the track – produced by Mumbai bassist Ashwin Shriyan – takes their recording and writing game to a whole new level, compared to their 2016 debut album Immortal and Vile. “Our idea of writing songs back then was that we should be able to play it completely hammered. If we can play that, we’ve done our job right. It wasn’t taking it too seriously. But we’ve come a long way now. We’ve put a lot more thought into how a song should be made — the newer stuff will be a lot more thought through yet retaining the essence,” the guitarist says.

The follow up to their 2017 single “The Skull and The Stick,” Primitiv released “Squishy and Spongy” in a novel way by bundling the streaming link with a new T-shirt designed by visual artist and drummer Aaron Pinto aka Kidsquidy. Originally stemming from an incident involving vocalist Nitin Rajan and his aversion to the spongy syrup-drenched dessert rasgullas, the song tells a tale of a disease that might wipe out the human race. Kumar and Primitiv worked on the song for nearly three months before heading into the studio and he’s all praise for his bandmates.

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Kumar says, “Pushkar [Joshi, drummer] had a lot of valid inputs. While the riffs have been predominantly written by me and the structure was put down by Raj [Rajarshi Bhattacharyya, guitarist] and I, the entire idea of taking it slow and bringing back the dirty riff – I think that’s something Nitin and Pushkar came up with.” The band will next perform at Mumbai’s latest gig series ScarFest at Mumbai’s antiSOCIAL. Get tickets here.

Listen to “Squishy and Spongy” below. 

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