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Exclusive Stream: Producer Trix Closes Out the Year with Euphoric Track ‘Sundown’

The New Delhi artist brings in vocalist Azariah and Goa-based sitarist Mansoor Rahimat Khan for the electronic song

Anurag Tagat Dec 23, 2021

New Delhi-based electronic music producer Trix aka Sanjog Bhushan. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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After knocking out tropical house tracks like “Keep Me Up” and “Better Days” this year, New Delhi-based producer Trix aka Sanjog Bhushan gets into a dancefloor-oriented pop groove on his new single “Sundown.”

Featuring carefree vocals about how there are no plans for next week, singer Azariah’s vocals lend an ecstatic edge, not too far removed from the mood of Trix’s releases since 2017. While there are saxophone parts leading the way, “Sundown” takes a surprising turn by incorporating sitar parts, played by Goa-based Mansoor Rahimat Khan.

Bhushan says the sitarist had ideas for “Sundown” right from the first listen. The producer adds about working with Khan, “What I told him was that I would love to have the old-school sitar melodies and progression. We both decided on the one which suited the track in accordance with the western style instrumental. The question that arose was if we would be able to get that Indian vibe into this. I am extremely happy with the result.”

The song was ready for release by early this year, but Bhushan says he wanted to make sure it was “the best version of itself.” He adds, “The main problem was the slightest of sounds or frequencies I did not like… I took time with it because this track meant a lot to me.”

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Although there have only been three singles this year, Bhushan is more than happy choosing quality over quantity. Part of the quality check process is setting up a YouTube page in 2022 for more reach. “It’s best if I don’t talk about releases, because I might space them out oddly,” he says with a laugh.

Listen to “Sundown” ft Azariah and Mansoor Rahimat Khan below.

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