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Exclusive Stream: Protocol Return with Catchy Riffs on ‘Alive’

The Mumbai-based prog rock band return with a punchy single after over two years

Nabeela Shaikh Jan 08, 2016
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Photo courtesy of the artist.

[L-R] Nachiket Karekar, Shweta Venkatramani, Vivian D’Souza, Sandesh Rao and Desikan Gopalan of Protocol. Photo courtesy of the artist.

Hard-hitting grooves set against some neat running basslines, a wicked, serpentine solo and soaring vocals is what you can expect from Mumbai-based band Protocol’s newest single “Alive.” The five-minute prog takeover is the band’s way of spreading the message of “humanity as the world’s greatest religion.”

Protocol comprises vocalist Shweta Venkatramani, guitarists Sandesh Rao and Desikan Gopalan, bassist Vivian D’Souza and drummer Nachiket Karekar. With the exception of Rao and Venkatramani, the rest of the members are involved in a number of other bands: Gopalan is a part of prog-rock band Paradigm Shift, D’Souza plays with rock/funk act Run Pussy Run and Karekar is a member of a few fledgling bands of his own.

However, for almost two years prior to the current “Alive” lineup, Protocol leaders Rao and Gopalan had a tough time locking in on the rest of the members. After releasing their debut single “Abeyance” in 2013 and then testing the waters with a number of other drummers, guitarists and bassists, the band fell into place in mid-2015. Says Gopalan, “Right now we [the band members] have a very good balance; we just weren’t able to get these people together two years back.”

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Now that Protocol has settled down into their new lineup, the band is working on new material and plans to release their debut EP in March.


Stream “Alive” below.

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