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Exclusive Stream: Thrash Band Kill The King Unleash Fury on ‘In The Name Of Culture’

The Pune metal band has enlisted Siliguri-based growler for their debut release

Anurag Tagat Jan 16, 2021

Thrash metal band Kill The King. Photo: Gitanjalee Kapinappa

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After four years in gestation, Pune-based metal band Kill The King make a hard hitting debut with “In The Name Of Culture,” a lament on India’s “unity in diversity” platitude. 

Following its original inception in 2016 by guitarists Rishikesh Dharap and Aditya Swaminathan, Kill The King began writing material but were continually in search of a drummer and vocalist to complete the lineup. In October last year, they roped in drummer Akarsh Singh (also based in Pune) and throat shredder extraordinaire Pritam Goswami Adhikary (from Hindi metallers Aarlon) and picked “In The Name Of Culture” as their debut offering. Swaminathan, who was previously played guitar for Pune metal band Halahkuh, says about the choice of song, “It was actually one of the newer songs we came up with ever since we’ve been toying with the idea of KTK. Rishi and I felt that this song is the best representation of the vision we have of the band, so we decided to put this song out first.” 

As is the norm for thrash metal bands ranging from Slayer to Power Trip, Kill The King dutifully deliver a scathing takedown of societal ills and glaring injustices with five and a half minutes of gnashing beatdowns and angsty parallels drawn by Adhikary, based on blunt lyrics written by Dharap. Swaminathan says, “[It] speaks about the atrocities and hypocrisy associated with the pseudo-interpretations of culture.”

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The song is part of an upcoming nine-track debut album that Kill The King are working on, slated for release in late 2021. Swaminathan adds, “The theme of the album is heavily focused on the idea of questioning authority, standing up for what’s fair and against injustice. Each song represents  the portrayal of certain aspects of our country and society that  need to be addressed and we feel strongly about, and is masterfully written by Rishi.” 

Listen to “In The Name Of Culture” below. 

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