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Exclusive Premiere: L.A. Bluesman and Bourbon Maker Tyler Boone Performs ‘Live From Hollywood’

The half-hour gig was recorded for the virtual edition of Repeal Day Expo, observed by the spirit industry

Anurag Tagat Apr 29, 2021

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Tyler Boone.

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For most independent musicians, money made from touring, sales and royalties is often pumped back into the project, but Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Tyler Boone put it into his own bourbon whiskey brand in 2018. Also running artist services and label Artist Formula Record Group since 2017, there’s a marriage of all three worlds seen in his latest video set Live From Hollywood.

The 34-minute agile blues rock performance was shot for the debut edition of Repeal Day Expo in December, a virtual event for the liquor industry, thus making Boone’s Bourbon a sponsor for the band’s electrifying gig. Charleston, South Carolina-bred Boone – who began releasing music in 2012 – says it took years to launch the bourbon company, but adds that it’s now starting to pay off. “Having a legit business with your name and music tied to it really does separate you from other artists trying to ‘make it’ and other artists that are actually making things happen for themselves.”

Joined by keyboardist Mike Mangan (who Boone says “took us Mars” during a solo on the track “Jealousy”), bassist James Frolio and drummer Dan Potruch, Live From Hollywood sees Boone at his commanding best as he runs through his discography. There’s garage rock-leaning blues on “When I Was Young,” the fuzzy “Short Skirt, Bare Knees” and sing-along alt-rock on “Gettin’ High” among seven tracks recorded at 3rd Encore & Infinity Studios in Hollywood. Boone says, “This performance was something we knew walking into wasn’t going to be the norm but it felt real when we were finally finished. We all took a huge breath of relief for how good it felt. We are all extremely proud of it.”

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While there’s already been another live album for mobile studio Jam In the Van‘s YouTube channel out, Boone is now plotting out recording his next full-length album. As someone who’s performed at large music gatherings like Summerfest in Milwaukee twice over, the artist is keen to get back to big stages. “Hopefully with the release of Live from Hollywood this will help us land more festivals, once they start coming back,” he adds.

Watch ‘Live From Hollywood’ below.

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