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Exclusive: Watch Chennai/California band Ratify’s Lively Video ‘Xanadu’

The young six-member outfit bring funky alt-rock and sexual tension on their second single

Nabeela Shaikh Mar 03, 2016
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“Xanadu” is the second single by Ratify.

Don’t be fooled by the weighty song title””“Xanadu” is neither a reference to Coleridge’s opium-fueled paradise in “Kubla Khan”, nor to Canadian prog legends Rush’s 11-minute epic, but instead “about the sexual tension between two people,” explains  Sajith Satya, the bassist with Chennai/California band Ratify. He adds, “It’s about two people who want to be together, but circumstances don’t let them. So the song basically speaks about how they vent out their frustrations and eventually end up being together in their happy place ””’Xanadu’.”

The second single by the band, “Xanadu” [check out the first track “Canopy” here] mashes up the light-heartedness of synth-pop with the boisterousness of alt rock, sealed with ample slap-pop funk [courtesy Satya] with a brightly lit, graffiti-filled video to match the song’s energy.

With Ratify, Satya adds one more name to his growing list of projects ””which includes alt-rock veterans Junkyard Groove, electro-rock band Franks got the Funk and a touring artist for film composer/music director Anirudh Ravichander. And although Ratify started out as Satya’s solo project in 2015, he has now roped in his childhood friend and California-based musician Rajan Chelliah on vocals, his brother Joshua Satya and bandmate Godfray Immanuel on guitars, drummer Shashank Vijay and keyboardist/producer Jerard Felix. All of them will feature on Ratify’s upcoming seven-track debut album Inertia, due end of the year. Says Satya, “With Ratify, we try to capture the various highs and lows that life has put us through. We will be releasing one single at a time with a video and we hope to release the entire album by the end of the year.”

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Watch ‘Xanadu’ below.

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