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Exclusive Stream: Delhi Duo Bit of Both’s Percussive New Track ‘Indian Blues’

Listen to the groove-heavy composition from the debut album by Ashvin Mani Sharma and Ash Roy’s new project

Jessica Kilbane Jan 15, 2016
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Bit of Both low

Bit of Both is Ash Roy (left) and Ashvin Mani Sharma

They say all endings are new beginnings, and that’s truer than ever for Ashvin Mani Sharma and Ash Roy’s new experimental electronica project, Bit of Both.

It’ tempting to assume that with Bit of Both, the duo is just picking from where they left off with the now defunct Delhi electronica group Jalabee Cartel, but the duo is a little more than that. Says Roy, “Jalabee Cartel was together for 8 years and sure, that’s something that we wanted to keep going, but we’ve been working on our new project for almost two years. Fans can get a little bit of what they’ve been missing.” Since Cartel disbanded in 2012, the duo has been busy with their techno/house imprint Soupherb Records. The new act will draw influences from the genres they represent and will lean heavily on live percussive elements. Adds Roy, “When we started off no one was doing what we do, but now there is an audience for this kind of music.”

On January 22nd, Bit of Both will release their debut album Prequels & Sequels, which features collaborations with artists such as singer/actor Anushka Manchanda and electronic producer Gaurav Raina. Says Roy, “It all just sort of happened. Anushka heard a rough cut and loved it, so we took my vocals out and added hers in. [Delhi producer] Kohra was jamming with us at home and gave us his inputs. We wanted Grain [Raina] to mix for us because he’s one of the best engineers we know, and he ended up on the album.”

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Speaking about one of their favourite tracks on the album, “Indian Blues,” Roy recalls that it was inspiring to work with New-York-based guitarist Bhrigu Sahni. “It’s one of my favourites from the set. It has tablas and percussion, blues guitar and a 4×4 groove that people can dance to.”

Listen to “Indian Blues” here:


Designed for live performances, Bit of Both will have two set-ups for their shows ”“ a stripped-down act that features just the two of them and an expanded lineup that includes additional artists and instrumentalists. Says Roy, “If the venue is big enough and we have budgets for it, then we’d love to invite all of our collaborators to perform with us.” Bit of Both have also been in touch with Kolkata-based visual artist Varun Desai to design an installation and projection mapping that will bring their vision to life.

The release of Prequels & Sequels [on Soupherb Records] will be followed by a three-city tour in Mumbai, Bengaluru and Pune.

Bit of Both - Prequels & Sequels - Artwork

‘Prequels & Sequels’ album art


Gig Details

City: Mumbai
Date: January 22nd, 2016
Venue: blueFROG

City: Bangalore
Date: January 23rd, 2016
Venue: blueFROG

City: Pune
Date: January 29th, 2016
Venue: blueFROG

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