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EXO-SC Enter a Disco-Drenched Cyber World in ‘1 Billion Views’

The South Korean duo’s brand new LP features collaborations with GRAY, Moon, Penomeco and Gaeko

Riddhi Chakraborty Jul 13, 2020

EXO-SC's Sehun and Chanyeol in the music video for "1 Billion Views."

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South Korean duo EXO-SC dropped their highly-anticipated LP 1 Billion Views earlier today. The release was led by a single of the same name and a sleek music video. The release was preceded by a surprise single titled “Telephone” and solo tracks by the two members, Chanyeol (“Nothin'”) and Sehun (“On Me.”) EXO-SC is a sub-unit of the hugely popular K-pop group EXO and first debuted in July 2019.

The track “1 Billion Views” sees EXO-SC dive into disco-funk, keeping things upbeat and groovy with vibrant bass riffs and a deliciously playful 808 beat, all courtesy of celebrated Korean R&B producer GRAY. There’s a touch of Neo-soul on the production when rising R&B star Moon joins in towards the final verse, adding an elegance to the track with her smooth vocals. Breathy background adlibs, the repetition of the modulated words ‘I like it,’ warping synth and little touches of piano keep the track interesting and fun–a stylistic similarity it shares with “Telephone.” Chanyeol and Sehun both choose to highlight their vocals on “1 Billion Views” rather than their skills as rappers and it pays off to great affect. The lyrics are light-hearted and revolve around telling one’s lover you’ll never be bored of them or forget them.

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The music video for “1 Billion Views” is just and vibrant and playful as the track, immersing EXO-SC into a glamorous cyber world of sorts. Emojis, Instagram screens, webpages and ‘likes’ surround the duo, pushing forth the metaphor in the track’s message of comparing one’s lover and relationship to various aspects of technology and social media. Moon makes an appearance at the end, joining EXO-SC to perform, take selfies and chill out together. The entire video is intercut with clips of both Chanyeol and Sehun performing simple but fun choreography with a group of dancers.

The nine track 1 Billion Views is the follow-up to EXO-SC’s 2019 EP What a Life and sees the duo take on bigger roles in the writing and production process. In addition to Moon and GRAY, some of the artists featured on the album include prominent Korean hip-hop artists Penomeco and Gaeko.

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