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EXO’s SUHO Returns With the Melancholic Single ‘Grey Suit’

Accompanied by a music video, the singe leads the singer-songwriter’s second solo EP of the same name

Divyansha Dongre Apr 04, 2022

EXO's leader and vocalist SUHO

Marking his first musical project after fulfilling his mandatory military responsibilities, EXO’s leader SUHO makes a melancholic comeback with “Grey Suit.” Leading the EP of the same title, the latest release marks the vocalist’s second EP following his 2020 mini-album Self-Portrait.

Co-written by SUHO alongside Cho Yun Kyoung, Oi and Park Seul Gi, “Grey Suit” is a progressive rock track (reminiscing British rock) with an emotive string arrangement. Constructing a simple yet crispy blend of percussion and guitar sounds, the singer rustles up a sentimental space, allowing the pensive lyricism to flourish and bloom. In particular, the contrast between the track’s dynamic rock arrangement and SUHO’s melodious vocal performance weaves a delightful listening experience without overpowering one another.

Deeply rooted in metaphors, the songwriters draw a parallel between colors and emotions to narrate the tale of loneliness and hope. With grey being linked to isolation and nostalgia stemming from bitter-sweet memories of A past relationship, the first half of the track metaphorically discusses how the color grey is slowly paining the protagonist’s world; “This grey is spreading sorrowfully throughout my memory/ My heart is trapped in the day I let you go.” As the track enters its final lap, the protagonist crosses paths with their former partner and experiences a shift in their universe. What was once grey and lifeless has now been painted over with bright hues, signifying hope, warmth and companionship. In an ever-so vulnerable state, the protagonist pleas for their partner to return to their life; “Show me all the colors of the world/ Please paint some colors to my dull heart/ We are together again and in front of us.”

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The music video utilizes still frames to symbolize how life comes to a standstill upon the departure of a loved one. From rain to a film filter overlaying the visuals, “Grey Suit’s” music video is as melancholic and gloomy ad the track’s lyricism. 

SUHO’s sophomore EP Grey Suit comprises six tracks- “Morning Star,: “Hurdle,” Decanting,” “Bear Hug,” “Moment” and the title track “Grey Suit.”


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