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Experimental Metal Guitarist Mattias Eklundh’s Freak Guitar Camp Comes To India

The frontman of Swedish prog metal band Freak Kitchen is hosting the first edition of the guitar camp outside of Sweden in October near Pune

Rolling Stone India May 13, 2014
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Way back in 2008, when Swedish prog metal band Freak Kitchen played in India as part of the annual festival Great Indian Rock, frontman Mattias IA Eklundh picked up the crowd’s favorite BC-MC expletive-filled chant, repeating it over on stage for laughs, like a tourist who had learned a new language. The comic relief and music mixed with his love for India has brought Eklundh back to the country to host Freak Guitar Camp in October this year.

Mattias IA Eklundh Photo Credit: Lennart Sjoberg

Mattias IA Eklundh
Photo Credit: Lennart Sjoberg

Eklundh, who last visited India in 2010 for a guitar clinic, is best known for his structured, skilled and distinctly unconventional style of guitar playing, inspired by the likes of Frank Zappa, Joe Satriani and John McLaughlin. Beyond the usual day-long guitar clinics, Eklundh also conducts an annual workshop Freak Guitar Camp in Sweden, one that has included participation from guitarists all across the world ever since Eklundh started the six-day camp in 1999.

Teaming up with music equipment retailer Bajaao, this will be the first time Freak Guitar Camp will take place outside of Sweden.  Says Eklundh, “My camp in Sweden will always be the sole base of it all but I am more than willing to set it up in any country that’ll have me and enough daredevil guitar players [participating].” The camp, which is targeted at intermediate to advanced guitarists, will cover odd time signatures, polyrhythm techniques and tricks as well as how to use synthetic modes and unorthodox scales while encouraging students to get rid of the metronome. The workshop is an intense, immersive experience which teaches students guitar techniques, unorthodox tonality, rhythm, songwriting, chords, theory as well as show business tips and how to make a living from music. Says Eklundh, “Some things are a bit tricky to play but basically it’s all about being really passionate in music and a strong urge to learn, to move on, to break new ground and discover all the good, inspiring things lurking around the corner.”

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Freak Guitar Camp India

October 13th ”“ 19th
Venue: Jalsrushti Island Resort, Mulshi (near Pune)


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