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Ezzyland Releases Dazzling New EP ‘Flavawaves’

The Chennai producer blends hip-hop and lo-fi electronica on his fifth EP

Jessica Kilbane Feb 03, 2015
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Ezzyland | Photo courtesy the artist

Ezzyland | Photo courtesy the artist

In 2014, when we first spoke to 21-year-old Sidharth Ezhilan, we were happily surprised that prolific artist had managed to remain low key despite the all-pervasiveness of social media and streaming websites. An engineer by profession, the producer had released five EPs and a steady stream of singles since he first launched his Soundcloud page two years ago. Performing under the moniker Ezzyland, the South Indian artist uses elements of trap, hip-hop and Nineties lo-fi to create loop-heavy compositions. Speaking to Rolling Stone India while vacationing in Dubai, Ezhilan is clear about his motivation for making music. Says the artist, “I call all my music ”˜strange loops.’ I want less structure and repetition but more detail. I get lost in my thoughts and in the sounds when I’m producing and I want my listeners to do the same.”

Featuring tracks such as “bonobob & deadmoo5e,” “feck,” “pizza swag” and “slinky versus the world,” Ezhilan’s latest EP Flavawaves is a result of the reticent young producer’s love for the internet and pop culture. Whether he’s spending endless hours online listening to new artists or watching obscure indie movies to find sounds that he can sample, Ezhilan is always plugged in. Showcasing his characteristic style of splicing samples and riotous rhythms, the artist brings his extensive range of influences together in a fluid nine-track release. Adds the producer, “I still make electronic and hip-hop, but I guess it’s more refined now. I like coloring outside the lines, so it doesn’t matter what genre it sounds like as long as there are good vibes.”

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After the release of his last EP STRVNGELXXP2 in July last year, Ezhilan has been spending his time experimenting with new genres, as well as assimilating a deeper understanding of beat music from a diverse set of influences including artists such as Venezuelan producer Arca, Norwegian musician Cashmere Cat, American rapper Frank Ocean and American hip-hop artist Chance the Rapper. Averse to live performances, Ezhilan has chosen to spend his time at home, working on his next release ”“ one that will feature new collaborations and surprise elements. Says the producer, “Music is changing like never before. Right now, my music is ambient trap instrumentals with alternative elements. But there’s something about the fullness of sound that draws me in.”



Listen to Flavawaves by Ezzyland:

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