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Facing The Microphon3

An interview with freestyle rapper Microphon3, who has been squaring off against veteran rapper Baba Sehgal, releasing one video a week

rsiwebadmin Jul 24, 2012
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Tanmay Bahulekar

If Baba can release one video a week then so can any other upcoming rapper wroth his rhyme. Tanmay Bahuelkar, a Mumbai-based freestyle rapper, who has been performing at many city-based open mic nights, and on occasion with hip-hop crew Bombay Bassment, has been churning out videos at factory speed. Microphon3 raps about everything from “Yari Road,” to “Traffic Jam” and recently put together a band with Johnny B [former vocalist of Method], drummer Niraj Trivedi [previously with thrash metal band Pin Drop Violence] and Romit Ranjan [former Them Clones bassist]. In an interview with ROLLING STONE India, Microphon3 breaks down his craft.

What irks you about Mumbai the most?

How irresponsible people are. It is people who make a place [what it is] and Mumbai is suffering [because of its people].

Why do you hate Andheri so much?

Hey, I like Andheri. Everything about it is pulsating and alive, which is why I wrote “Yari Road,” one week after moving there.

Jay Z or Jay Sean?

Jay Z. He is a lyrical beast! And I like his rap.

If weed is Snoop Dogg’s poison, what’s yours?

Whiskey. Old Monk and chaas ”“ can’t live without either one of them.

Would you get into a rap battle with Stan the rapper?

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No, but I would do a track featuring him. Seriously. I am a big fan.

What’s your next rap song going to be about?

I am going to write about the Mumbai Local and the other one is tentatively called “Inga.” The first is about life and the local trains in the city and “Inga” is MH09 style [the rapper refused to divulge more details about this particular acronym]. Coming soon.

Would you write a song on a Bollywood celebrity next?

I might put them as metaphors in a song, but a complete song about them? No way. I don’t think rap is about that unless what you are talking about really warrants it

What will you never rap about?

About how the decade that went by was the greatest and what’s new is ape shit. Because it is not.

(Microphon3 will perform with his band on July 25th at Liberty Cinema, Mumbai. Entry: Free)

Listen to “Yari Road”

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