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Fall St. Taps into His Own Experience with Depression on Debut LP ‘We Didn’t Ask’

The Mumbai singer-songwriter advises people to call for help when in need on his record

David Britto Jan 17, 2020

Mumbai singer-songwriter Fall St. Photo: Maria Kurkova

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When we spoke to Mumbai singer-songwriter Fall St. aka Aaron Sequeira last, he had just released his debut single, a gloomy tune called “Box.” At the time, Sequeira told us the track was off his upcoming debut nine-track album We Didn’t Ask which has released today.   

When we catch up with the musician to talk about his new record, he tells us he was listening to a whole lot of Eminem and Deftones during the two years it took to complete We Didn’t Ask. Sequeira adds, “How it usually happened is I’d get obsessed with a song or album, get a wave of inspiration, sit down with my guitar and a notebook and then by the end of about half an hour, I’d have a verse and chorus ready, if not more.”

Those half-ready songs are now fully-fledged tracks that range from moody rock and riff-heavy pieces to acoustic-driven tunes and even skits. Sequeira, known to explore dark lyrics, has a charming ability to turn his words into resounding sounds. On the harmonious and whispering “Leaves” the musician reflects on his “corrosive behavior patterns” and how it destroys friendships and relationships. “It’s a song about sinking your ship and watching it drown,” Sequeira adds.

Things get even more real on the quaint “Follow” as the singer-songwriter addresses dealing with childhood traumas. He says, “Growing up I never fit in no matter how hard I tried. I think if I had a more positive and stable foundation, I’d have found that easier.” Ask the musician which song off the album he is most proud of and he says it is the emotional “Mama.” “It is a love letter and a suicide note. I’ve written my fair share of both. I remember I was fine when I started writing it and then by the time I was done I was sobbing.” On the closing track “Get Help (Skit)” Sequeira is heard telling listeners to open up about their problems to others and that he wouldn’t be anywhere if it wasn’t for doing that.

What you take away from We Didn’t Ask is the sheer passion behind the record that is delivered excellently by Fall St. All that passion comes from the musician having to deal with his own demons throughout his life. He says, “Depression is a big part of my day. Dealing with it, avoiding it and it’s impact on my relationships with those around me. I have a disorder where I feel things that everyone else feels, just more strongly.”

How does Sequeira deal with depression? He says, “It took me a long time to figure this out but a fairly solid strategy that I use to cope is: Getting a full night’s sleep and sleeping early, eating all my meals on time, exercising at least once every two days if not every day, minimal consumption of alcohol and absolutely no drugs.” He adds, “I always carry my earphones because music helps me regulate my moods.”

We Didn’t Ask was produced by Sequeira, Shrai Pradhan and Anup Satam. The album was tracked at the home studios of the singer-songwriter, Pradhan and bassist Hansel Dias [of Mumbai folk fusion band Aankh Micholi] who contributed to the record. Pradhan also mastered the LP. Sequeira says, “It is literally a dream come true and it would be nothing without the brilliance of Shrai, Anup and Hansel. I am extremely lucky to have worked with them.” The musician doesn’t have any gig plans for now but adds, “If the album gets a good response, you never know.”

Listen to ‘We Didn’t Ask’ below: 

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