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Fia Nyxx And Bobby Newberry Bring the Heat in Scorching Music Video For ‘Escape’ 

The clip includes a sizzling choreographed dance, while sonically the track is a nu-disco banger

David Britto Jun 30, 2022

U.S. artists Fia Nyxx (left) And Bobby Newberry. Photo: Courtesy of the artists

After the release of her eight-track album Red Umbrella earlier this year, Colorado-bred and Los Angeles-based artist Fia Nyxx began touring and playing music festivals such as the West Hollywood OutLoud Festival and the San Diego and San Francisco Pride Festivals, as well as performing her record at intimate shows across California. The artist is also plotting for a gargantuan double release later this year with her producer Sam J Garfield.  

However, more recently Nyxx teamed up with singer-dancer Bobby Newberry (choreographer for artists such as Pussycat Dolls, Girlicious, Missy Elliott and Eminem) on the Garfield-produced summery bop, “Escape.” The track’s glittery production, catchy synth and bass parts, and sensual vocals coupled with a scorching music video definitely make it one you can’t miss out on. In this interview, the artists talk to us about the new song, working together and more.  

How did the collaboration with Bobby Newberry come about? 

Nyxx: Bobby Newberry and I have been traveling in the same circles for a while.  I have a dance background and originally moved to L.A. when 19 years old, after being featured on So You Think You Can Dance, to pursue a career in dance, so I have always known and respected Bobby’s name and legacy.  Recently, we were introduced personally by mutual friends and became good friends ourselves. We thought that with our combined talents, dance and performance abilities, and differences in style, we could come together with Garfield and release the hottest dance track of the summer.  

What can you tell me about the song “Escape” itself? 

Newberry: It’s about taking an emotional journey, letting go of the world and its problems, getting lost on the dance floor and feeling alive.   

Nyxx: “Escape” gives people a moment to drown out their troubles and re-energize their bodies with a good time. We wanted to emulate a timeless, iconic nu disco-inspired, fashion-forward summer bop that shakes away the mundane routine and the monotony of everyday life, and transcends you into a euphoric, Studio 54-inspired world of fantasy and liberation.  

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The vocals are electric but light on their feet, tip-toeing along the groovy topline as the beat starts to swell, the tempo escalates, and the build of the track climaxes. It wouldn’t be a Sam J Garfield track without an unanticipated juxtaposition and that strong lead-up to a powerful, gut-wrenching bassline that rocks you to your core. 

What was the recording process like? 

Garfield: The recording and production process of this track came together very quickly.  After laying down a bit of funk and getting that ‘four on the floor’ beat up and running, Bobby and Fia began writing simultaneously as I continued to layer in elements of disco songs. 

Nyxx: This song truly is a mastery of three completely different, but highly complementary styles and talents coming together in a brilliant way to enrich each other. As soon as I heard the early workings of Sam’s production, I got into my ’70s feels. I started mulling over some melodies for the verses and Bobby loved them.    

Newberry: The songwriting experience was pretty magical. I had the idea for the hook and I kept singing it over and over with Fia, on a continuous loop, while rallying Sam to hurry in with the house drop. It was an incredible session. The vibe between the three of us was electric. 

What was it like to be on set for the music video shoot and how was that experience? 

Nyxx: There was a lot that had to be accomplished in a short amount of time, but one thing that I’ve learned over the years is that you have to find a way to set that aside and just enjoy the moment. It goes by fast and you can get lost in the chaos if you’re not cautious, aware and living in the moment. We were working hard to get the vision out and it was a 13-hour shoot, but we had an amazing crew. Our stylists and hair and makeup people Jamie Love, Natalie Saidi and Hilary Montez elevated the video to another degree with flashy fashion moments that truly embraced that Seventies vibe we were aiming for, and captured that fabulous Studio 54 era.  The dancers were absolutely incredible, and our film crew was top-notch.  The entire experience was incredible.  

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Garfield: One of the coolest aspects about being on set for the music video was that we got to shoot it at my new venue in East Los Angeles, BlackRose, L.A. It was so much fun being able to utilize my new music venue in a creative way and see how the space could be filmed. Bobby and Fia are both incredible dancers and we had a blast using the space and testing all the nooks and crannies to see what we could experiment with [in terms of] lighting and movement.  

What’s next? 

Nyxx: I have a hefty second half of the year planned: tour dates, music and video releases, as well as working on some original holiday tunes that I’m releasing in association with Billboard. But what I am most excited for is my newest project.  I am in the beginning stages of my third album, and this one will blow your mind. I am evolving again, and an entirely new sound is emerging. I’ll just say this… I always wanted to be a rockstar. 

Watch the music video for “Escape” below: