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Final Surrender To Release Full Length Album

The Bengaluru metalcore band will headline the third edition of metal event The Pit on Sunday

Rolling Stone India Feb 21, 2013
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Bengaluru metalcore band Final Surrender

After sticking to heavy riffs and crushing beatdowns on their 2011 EP St. Sinner, Bengaluru metalcore band Final Surrender is adding Indian sounds on their debut full length album Empty Graves, due in April. But manager and drummer Jared Sandhy insists the change in sound doesn’t make them a fusion metal band. “It’s like listening to two different parts; there’s just a bridge between the two genres. If you pull out the Indian parts, it’s still metalcore. You will hear melodic sitar swaras but also blast beats and breakdowns,” says Sandhy.

In addition to the change in sound, two other factors make Empty Graves a special release for Final Surrender: a record deal with American Christian rock and metal label Rottweiler records signed in February last year, and having American drummer and producer Rocky Gray, who has previously played with alt rock band Evanescence, produce the album. Despite the inclusion of Indian instruments such as dilruba, sarangi, flute and a nine-member string orchestra, Sandhy believes a “learned musician” like Gray will be able to competently produce Empty Graves, even without any expertise in Indian music.

As part of their album launch gig in April, the band plans to perform all the songs by bringing sessions musicians to share the stage with them. “For every gig after that, the Indian parts will go down on samples live, as a backing track,” says Sandhy.

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Final Surrender will perform a two hour set at the third edition of metal event the Pit in Bengaluru, along with nine other bands, including Bhopal experimental metal band Acrimony, who are co-headlining the show. “We’re actually used to playing long shows, since we have about 30-40 songs,” says Final Surrender vocalist Joseph Samuel, adding that the band’s setlist will be based on inputs from fans on the band’s Facebook page.

The Pit 3 is also co-headliners Acrimony’s second gig in Bengaluru, after playing at IIM Bangalore’s Unmaad band competition on February 8th. Lead guitarist Samar Mehdi says they will perform songs from their debut five-track EP False Vacuum and possibly cover “Possession” by deathcore band Whitechapel.



The Pit 3 lineup:


Sandy R(o)ad [Acoustic/Bengaluru]

Terminus Exitium [Progressive metal/Bengaluru]

Antimatter [Metalcore/Hyderabad]

The Velvet Trap [Metalcore/Bengaluru]

Distorted Melody [Post-hardcore/Bengaluru]

Renegade [Thrash metal/Bengaluru]

Djentle Symphony [Progresive metal/Bengaluru]

It’s Time You Imagined The Emperor [metalcore/Bengaluru]

Acrimony [Experimental metal/Bhopal]

Final Surrender [Metalcore/Bengaluru]


The Pit 3 takes place at Xtreme Sports Bar, Bengaluru on February 24th, 2.30pm onwards. Entry Rs 250. Event details here.

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