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Seven New Releases You Should Check Out

Alt rock, electronica, pop and some metal from across the country

Rolling Stone India Feb 25, 2015
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1) Make Believe by Candy Cloud Conspiracy:

Candy Cloud Conspiracy. Photo by Sparsho Mukherjee.

Candy Cloud Conspiracy. Photo: Sparsho Mukherjee.

Make Believe is the debut EP of Kolkata-based, alternative indie-rock/pop Candy Cloud Conspiracy. Says the band’s lead singer Amartya Ghosh, “The EP is based on young love and talks about a fantasy world where one can believe in himself and where everything is possible. Thus, Make Believe refers to a world where love is possible if you truly believe in it.” The four-track EP is led by digital synth sounds and pop beats. The track “Conspiracy” has some elements of garage-rock while according to the band, “Fantasize” blends “hopeless romanticism and innocent austerity.” We recommend it for a dose of happiness.

Check out Make Believe below


2) Pariah by Frame/Frame:

Nikhil Kaul aka Frame/Frame. Photo credits: Courtesy of the artist.

Nikhil Kaul aka Frame/Frame. Photo: Courtesy of the artist.

Delhi-based electronic Producer Nikhil Kaul Aka Frame/Frame has released his latest EP titled Pariah, which is a departure from his early glitch hop sound. The four-track EP, produced, arranged and mixed by Kaul, also has live drums by Sahil Mendiratta, drummer of Delhi-based psychedelic rock band Indigo Children. Besides percussion for the tracks “Pariah” and “Papillon,” Mendiratta has also played a hunting whistle for “Papillon.” Says the Delhi-based musician, “Even though it is dance music, we have tried to stay as far away from EDM as possible. In that sense, it is like an outsider looking in to a new world.”

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Check out Pariah below


3) “Figure It Out” by MAP:

MAP. Photo credits: Courtesy of the artist.

MAP. Photo: Courtesy of the artist.

Delhi-based alternative-pop band MAP, formed in 2011, has released a video for their new single “Figure it out.” Featuring disco balls and a Vespa scooter, the video has the band members all dressed-up, acting out small parts and dancing too. The song has a Seventies pop-disco sound driven by Manta Sidhu’s lusty vocals, solos from both Jishnu Banerjee on the electric guitar and Shivam Khare on the keyboard and lyrics that remind you of the song “Ironic” by American alt-rock artist Alanis Morissette. The new single’s quirky tone will set you in the mood for some Saturday Night Fever.

Check out “Figure It Out” below



4) Homemade Music Vol.3 by Synthetic Lying Machine:

Synthetic Lying Machine. Photo credits: Courtesy of the artist.

Synthetic Lying Machine. Photo: Courtesy of the artist.


Sean Pereira, the low profile electronica producer from Mumbai, who goes by the moniker Synthetic Lying Machine, has released a new five-track EP titled Homemade Music Vol.3. On his blog, the reclusive musician claims to have made the music from “household objects and homemade synth(s).” The EP features dreamy soundscapes, which include samples of Indian vocals and instruments, and has a downtempo trip-hop feel to it, sounding like a nod to Swedish electronic duo, Boards of Canada.

Check out Homemade Music Vol.3 below


5) Dawn by My Side of the Story:

Manu Vijayan. Photo by Umashankar Rao

Manu Vijayan aka My Side of the Story. Photo: Umashankar Rao.

Pune-based guitarist, vocalist and producer Manu Vijayan has been taking his one-man band, My Side of the Story, around Pune since January 2014, performing everything from soft rock to heavy metal with ease. His debut EP, Dawn. Although Vijayan aims to get patriotic with a metal version of “Vande Mataram” and the National Anthem, “Jana Gana Mana,” he best shines with the sweet, soft rock of “Way You Felt Inside” as well as the soaring, roaring metal track “After the Solstice.”

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Listen to “After the Solstice” below


6) “She Bites” by Grey Shack

Grey Shack | Courtesy of the artist

Grey Shack | Courtesy of the artist

Chennai-based rock ’n roll band Grey Shack has released their super charged single “She Bites.” The song features a classic rock, AC/DC vibe with furious guitar riffs by Vikram Vivekanand. Rohan Sen is remarkably versatile as a vocalist, reanimating rock ’n roll in his own style. “She Bites” is the second of six releases, which will collectively be called The Soundgarden Sessions, and champions women’s rights.

Hear “She Bites” below


7) A Reclaimed Interval by Bombay Acoustic People

Bombay Acoustic People. Photo credits: Courtesy of the artist

Bombay Acoustic People. Photo: Courtesy of the artist.

Bombay Acoustic People, comprising guitarist Anurag Shanker and multi-instrumentalist Sankarshan Kini from Mumbai, have just released their debut album A Reclaimed Interval. Featuring just two guitars and diverse styles of playing including flamenco, A Reclaimed Interval stands out of the ordinary. The album also consists of a brilliant and intricate cover of the Nineties American rock band Soundgarden’s hit “Black Hole Sun.”
You can buy A Reclaimed Interval on Itunes and Amazon.
Hear their cover of “Black Hole Sun” below

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