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Flo Gallop Glides Seamlessly on Debut Bop ‘21’

‘I wanted to write a track where you forget all the things stressing you out,’ says the U.K. artist

David Britto Feb 18, 2021

London-based pop artist Flo Gallop. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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Brought up in a musical household, London-based pop artist Flo Gallop was quick to be drenched into it by playing in bands and gigging frequently from an early age. By the time she was 17, Gallop began writing her own songs and started discovering herself as an artist. She says, “What I love about this is there’s just not enough you can know.” Now, the eccentric musician is out her pop-tinged debut single “21.”

On why she decided for “21” to be her first release, Gallop says, “It’s the only song I’ve ever written about me.” The singer-songwriter adds, “It is a feel-good track and if I’m honest, I think it gives listeners a first impression of me as a new artist.”

According to Gallop, she wanted the new song to come across as fun. With its quirky lyrics, upbeat tempo, vibrant production and head-bopping melody, “21,” definitely ticks all the boxes for an enjoyable listen. The artist says, “I wrote it because in life sometimes you can feel like you’re falling behind your friends or not on the right path for you and it can be really confusing as a 21-year-old.” She adds, “I think my point of the song is, that is absolutely ok, everyone’s timings for things are different and it’s completely up to you how you wish to live your life.”

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The singer-songwriter recorded the track at London-based studio The Cabin while Christian Wright at Abbey Road Studios mastered the song. “I’ve been lucky to work with some really inspiring people throughout this project,” says Gallop. With a music video also out for the track, Gallop promises plenty more material for later this year. She says, “It’s all worth waiting for.”

Watch the music video for “21” below and stream the song on Spotify

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