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Foo Fighters Put Break-Up Rumors to Rest Via New Video

“For the millionth time, we are not breaking up. And nobody’s going fucking solo!’ say the band

Rolling Stone India Mar 03, 2016
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Following a cryptic tweet about an “official announcement” on March 1st, American rock band the Foo Fighters released a video mocking rumors of breaking up and frontman Dave Grohl going solo.

After the release of Foo Fighters’ EP Saint Cecilia in November last year, drummer Taylor Hawkins had stated in January at the 27th Guitar Center Drum Off that the band were going on an “indefinite I-Hate-Us” but will definitely not be breaking up.

The mock video starts with a montage of various news stories speculating the break up since Grohl’s performance of “Blackbird” at the Oscars, as well as short clip of Hawkins saying that the band “don’t hang out with each other”. It goes on to show the band minus Grohl discussing replacement options for a new lead singer including Justin Bieber, Chris Cornell, Phil Collins, Diplo and Prince before and finally choosing singer-songwriter and actor Nick Lachey.

The Foo Fighters with their ‘new’ lead singer Nick Lachey

On the other side, Grohl is busy experimenting with “one-finger” electronica and working on his new image; he even sings a soulful ballad about the joys of going solo.

Dave Grohl sings about the joys of going solo

The video ends with the message “For the millionth time, we are not breaking up. And nobody’s going fucking solo!’

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Watch the video below.

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