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The Foxtrot Project: Contemporary Kolkata Jazz On One Album

The six-track compilation by Amuze Records features city-based acts such as Bodhisattwa Trio, project: Albatross and others

Anurag Tagat Dec 22, 2015
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Kolkata-based The Boddhisattwa Trio. Photo: Lost is Found Inc.

In addition to indie and metal compilations this year, there’s also a holiday gift in store for jazz fans, one that explores Kolkata’s best talents in the genre. Record label Amuze founder Arijit Chakraborty, a photographer and sound engineer, reached out to jazz artists and bands in 2014 and began recording bands in a live setting in April this year for a compilation called The Foxtrot Project.

The six-track album features Kolkata artists such as The Bodhisattwa Trio, Srinjay Banerjee Trio, BOP Machine and project: Albatross. Chakraborty’s main aim with Amuze Records was to record original music in a live setting. “I wanted to do something to improve the listening experience for Calcutta jazz fans,” he says. Recorded at the Plush Lounge Bar, Astor Hotel’s weekly gig Thursday Jazz Encounter [with the exception of Srinjay Banerjee Trio’s song “Mitosis,” which was recorded at Banerjee’s farm house] The Foxtrot Project showcases experimental jazz at its eccentric and unpredictable best. With this album highlighting entirely guitar-based jazz, Chakraborty says the next compilation will feature piano and saxophone jazz as well. He adds, “I’m looking for a shehnai player as well, for the jazz fusion sound to go with a tenor sax.”


Arijit Chakraborty. Photo: Lost is Found Inc.

There were a few things that came in Chakraborty’s way with The Foxtrot Project, including plans of recording Delhi jazz band Syncopation falling through after their frontman Rishie Sachdeva suffered a heart attack earlier this year. The idea of recording vocalist-singer Rahul Guha Roy [from rock act Cassini’s Division] met with scheduling conflicts, but Chakraborty does have plans to record Roy’s upcoming solo album and release it on Amuze Records next year.

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Until then, there are plans to take the four bands on a country-wide tour. Chakraborty adds, “We are planning shows in Calcutta, Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru, but I’m currently on the lookout for sponsors. It’s a whole team of 11 people in four bands traveling.” When that happens, though, suggest you don’t miss out on the showcase.

Buy the album here. Listen to a preview below.

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