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Fragarak Heads Out to South East Asia this Week

After making their mark in Nepal and China, the Delhi progressive death metal band play in Malaysia and Singapore

Anurag Tagat Feb 03, 2015
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Delhi progressive death metal band Fragarak

Delhi progressive death metal band Fragarak

While metal bands in the country such as Mumbai extreme metallers Demonic Resurrection and Bengaluru thrash/death metal band Inner Sanctum look to Europe for a summer tour, Delhi progressive death metal band Fragarak have been looking closer home. The band, who got together in 2012, played in Nepal and China last year and they’re kicking this year off with three shows in Singapore and Malaysia. Says vocalist Supratim Sen, “We want to explore the nearer, promising, yet underground scenes as a part of our immediate plans.” Sen however adds that since Europe has the most developed market for metal, they hope to tour outside Asia in the coming years.

South East Asia has hosted everyone from grindcore band Napalm Death to death metallers Cannibal Corpse in the past, which Sen says has made the scene even more exciting for bands from the area. But there’s also the existence of an underground metal scene that has survived throughout the years in Asia, which Sen says is inspiring for Fragarak. Adds Sen, “[In China] we shared stages with some great acts who have been making music since eight to10 years. The fact is there are several good bands and a breeding ground for good metal in many such Asian countries, but not much of a socially active scene as we see here in India.”

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Fragarak have certainly been proactive in putting their name out there, finding help from Singapore black metal band Impiety’s frontman Shyaithan when the two bands shared the stage at Delhi gig series Pandemonium in 2014. Says Sen, “Impiety had plans for doing a tour in South East Asia on the occasion of their 25th anniversary this year. He hooked us up with the promoters organizing the shows there [in Singapore and Penang] for initial talks.” Sen adds they had help from Malaysian metal bands such as Melapetaka and Farasu to set up a show in Kuala Lumpur [February 8th].

Without a permanent drummer in their lineup, Fragarak have roped in Bengaluru-based Siddharth Manoharan [from doom band Djinn and Miskatonic] for their South East Asia dates. Says Sen, “After a few music-related issues with our last lineup, we jammed with him quite a few times. His playing style and preferences matched ours, and we grew more compatible with the jams.” While they’re sticking to promoting their 2013 debut album Crypts of Dissimulation, Sen hints there’s new material being readied for the upcoming year.


Fragarak South-East Asian Tour 2015

February 6th ”“ Dusthall Studio, Penang

February 7th ”“ The Substation, Singapore

February 8th ”“ Pennylane, Kuala Lumpur

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