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Frame/Frame and The Bicycle Days At Magnetic Fields Pre-party in Delhi

The capital gets a taste of the three-day festival in Alsisar Mahal in Rajasthan

Rolling Stone India Dec 10, 2013
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Nikhil Kaul aka Frame by Frame

Ahead of the much-anticipated Magnetic Fields festival, Delhi gets to see the last leg of pre-parties featuring Delhi electronica artist Frame/Frame and alternate psy-rock band The Bicycle Days. The other two pre-parties were held at the Indiearth XChange in Chennai with Berlin-based producer Robot Koch headlining the show and at Grime Riot Disco in Mumbai with acid house veteran Charanjit Singh. This final edition is set to prep the audience for the main event in Rajasthan later this week.

Says Nikhil Kaul aka Frame/Frame about his set, “I’m going to be playing some new material. It’s pretty much going to be the usual Frame/Frame set. Just like a warm up to the sound I guess because Magnetic Fields will see a full blown band attack (laughs).” Kaul performs at Magnetic Fields as the Frame/Frame band with Hemant Chona on bass and Anshul Lall of The Circus on drums. Says Kaul on their roles in the band, “I do what I do, Chona plays the bass lines out, which fit my sound  really well and Anshul is just a total basher. Together, it makes it really pop. We just played our first show at the IndieXchange 2013. That was fun”

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The Bicycle Days who released their album Calamitunes earlier this year will be playing the entire album at the pre-party and at the festival as well. “We are pretty much focusing on gigging right now and getting the album out there”, says the vocalist Karthik Basker on their plans for the coming year. Both The Bicycle Days and Kaul are also keen to be part of the audience at the festival. Says Kaul about who he will be catching at the fest, “Oh without a doubt Robot Koch. I also wanna see Orifice Vulgatron because Foreign Beggars are just amazing and that should be really fun. I’m actually looking forward to seeing a lot of the local acts who I haven’t seen before. Like the post rock band from Bangalore, Until We Last. It should be really interesting to see what’s going to happen with these guys here.” Basker says that he has Peter Cat Recording Co and Sky Rabbit on his list of must-watch acts at Magnetic Fields.

Catch Frame/Frame and The Bicycle Days at Out of The Box, Delhi on December 11th. Entry: Free More details here. 

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