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Frank Ocean Releases Axed ‘Django Unchained’

‘Django was ill without it,’ singer writes

Miriam Coleman Dec 26, 2012
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Quentin Tarantino cut Frank Ocean from the Django Unchained soundtrack, but the singer made the track he wrote and recorded for the film available through his Tumblr site recently.

“Frank Ocean wrote a fantastic ballad that was truly lovely and poetic in every way, there just wasn’t a scene for it,” Tarantino said of the song. “I could have thrown it in quickly just to have it, but that’s not why he wrote it and not his intention. So I didn’t want to cheapen his effort. But, the song is fantastic, and when Frank decides to unleash it on the public, they’ll realize it then.”

Ocean offered a concise appraisal alongside the posted track: “django was ill without it.” 

“Wise Man” by Frank Ocean

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