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Fred Durst Documents Juice Fast on Tumblr

Limp Bizkit frontman struggles not to cheat by eating cookies and candy

Matthew Perpetua Jan 13, 2012
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Photo: Sourced from Fred Durst/Fred60.tumblr.com

Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst is nearly two weeks into blogging a very difficult 60-day juice fast on Tumblr. Though Durst began the project with a great deal of enthusiasm ”“ his first post on January 2nd was an image of his new juicer with the caption “My new best friend!” – he quickly became frustrated and very, very hungry. “This is going slowwwww,” Durst wrote on the third day. “Probably because I cheated last night and had some M&M’s.”

Though Durst has lost some weight, his posts have become increasingly sporadic and distressed. “Another day of juice down. Definitely NOT getting easier. And I cheated tonight with an oatmeal cookie. She was good!!,” he wrote on the fourth day. He didn’t update for four days in a row until today, when he explained that his silence was due to not seeing “any significant results yet.”

“I am about 2 lbs lights and definitely feeling better internally,” says Durst. “My thoughts are clear and inspired, but I’m discouraged in some ways. I guess it’s my own personal baggage that’s lugging around behind me. All comes to the forefront on a diet like this. I’m going to dive into a heavy cardio, sit ups, and weights routine on Monday. I’m sure that’s the next level of fulfillment.”

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