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Free Download: ViceVersa’s Feisty New Single ‘Quiet’

The latest offering from the Mumbai electro hip-hop act also features rapper Enkore

David Britto Dec 21, 2016
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ViceVersa | Photo Credit: Vandhana Rajan Swamy

ViceVersa. Photo Credit: Vandhana Rajan Swamy

After releasing their reggae love anthem “Saviour” earlier this year, Mumbai electro hip-hop act ViceVersa (Rohit ”˜P-Man’ Pereira, Manas Ullas and Sidd Coutto) are covering another territory with their latest offering. “Quiet” is an aggressive appeal that calls out all forms of modern hypocrisy and decadence ”“ from political double standards to personal disillusion.

Produced by Ullas, the song opens with a spacey treat before jumping into the powerful chorus, “Shut your mouth/Shut your face/ Keep quiet.” Curiously, the word maga (Kannada for brother or little one) is repeated throughout the song. Pereira says this was because he has had it with many Indian rappers using the ”˜N-word’ in their songs. “I think it is sick. I want people to stop using it because it was used to oppress people,” he says.

Mumbai-based rapper Ankur Johar aka Enkore adds his own character to the track with a gritty verse. Though Pereira has in the past teamed up the rapper on stage, “Quiet” is the first studio collaboration they’ve done together. Citing Enkore as one of the best rappers in the country, Pereira says of their creative freedom on the song, “He did his own thing and I did my own thing.” In fact, the first time the artists heard their respective parts on “Quiet” was at soundcheck during a ViceVersa Party gig. Enkore adds, “Working with ViceVersa, I get to explore a side of my music that I sometimes don’t get into.” The musicians plan to perform the song live for the first time officially at the next ViceVersa gig.

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As far as future projects are concerned, ViceVersa are currently plotting the release of another track titled “All I Need” featuring Nagaland singers Virie and Zaza. A collaboration with singer-songwriter Zoya Mohan is also in the works.

Download ViceVersa ft. Enkore – Quiet (right click and save as)


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